Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Itunes Radio, the next pandora?

With the new update of ios7 software to all the apple products there is a new music player called iTunes radio. It automatically comes to your phone, laptop, ipad, and ipod. It's in the music app and what it is, is generally a better version of Pandora. ITunes radio has the top 100 for every music category unlike Pandora and they also have less commercials. Users really dislike how many commercials there are after a couple of songs played. Honestly I recommend using ITunes radio instead of Pandora because they have more features given to you to use and also the music variation is such a wide range from country to underground to soul, whatever you are in the mood for they got it.

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  1. Wow ! This is cool , you really opened my eyes about the IOS7 ! Even though i dont have it . Keep up the good blogs brother, they might be half as good as mine! <3