Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Music is what my blog is going to be about this year in Mr.Parsons class. I will be talking about all different genres of music from rap to house music to country to r&b. There are albums that drop every day and I will be reviewing them and telling you if they are a must or a bust. Also I will be talking about beef between other rappers or artists and also the newest and latest news in the music industry. I chose music as my blog because I honestly love music and it really helps people a lot. I listen to all genres and I can relate to most of the songs and lyrics that are written and sung. My favorite artist is Meek Mill and Jcole because they rap about real life stuff and all their songs are bangers! There is such a vast majority of music that its going to be really fun to talk about what's going around the music world.

The Things They Carried

While reading the book The Things They Carried we came across a part of the book where it talks about all the valuables that the soldiers/men carry on them while they are at war. Some men carry photographs of women to remind them what they have waiting for them when they get back. Others had, condoms, necklaces, and other memories from home. I myself also carry around stuff on me at all times. In my backpack I always have cologne, a phone charger and head[phones. I always carry cologne just incase I need it after weight training or pe. Headphones and a charger are an absolutely must because phones die so quickly now and headphones because sometimes I'm in one of the moods where I don't feel like talking to anybody so I put headphones in and just zone out.