Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beef between Meek Mill & Cassidy

Meek Mill is a rapper born and raised from Philadelphia and Cassidy is from Brooklyn New York. All the beef between them had started with Meek Mill dissing Cassidy in one of his songs "Kendrick mar you are next". Cassidy wasnt fond of that and came back with a whole song dissing Meek Mill about how he isn't true and a fake rapper. This battle has been going on for a while and honestly its all just for publicity and what not. They really don't like eachother but it keeps the fan bases live and gives them what they want.

Drake NWTS

Drake's most recent album had so much hype when coming to it release date. He lived up it actually in my opinion and did very well. ITunes top 100 can speak for themselves as his album is top 5 of the year 2013. A couple top hits were "language" and also "305 my city" where he talks about Miami and how he has changed the city for the best in all his events and concerts. He had performed live at the American Airline arena as his last stop on his tour. Some huge people made guest appearances on the stage Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and also Miguel. He had the crowd so surprised when they came out, it made the concert 10x better.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Itunes Radio, the next pandora?

With the new update of ios7 software to all the apple products there is a new music player called iTunes radio. It automatically comes to your phone, laptop, ipad, and ipod. It's in the music app and what it is, is generally a better version of Pandora. ITunes radio has the top 100 for every music category unlike Pandora and they also have less commercials. Users really dislike how many commercials there are after a couple of songs played. Honestly I recommend using ITunes radio instead of Pandora because they have more features given to you to use and also the music variation is such a wide range from country to underground to soul, whatever you are in the mood for they got it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

CMA (Country Music Awards)

The CMA's were on November 6 on ABC and it had a lot of top country artists that performed and also won awards. One of the biggest performers of the night was Luke Bryan, who performed "That's my kind of night" and "Parking lot party". He also won male artist of the year and came in second for best album of the year. You can say Luke had a really good night overall. The host of the CMA was Blake Shelton and another big winner was Florida Georgia Line with the song of the year "Cruise". If you missed the CMA you missed a really good show, with laughter and great music. Other performers were the Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban.

                                                   Luke Bryan Flexing at the CMA
Carrie Underwood singing at the CMA

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interview with Marshall Mathers

The real Slim Shady is back

Recently in hip hop news, Eminem had come out with a new album called MMLP2 and it's been his first album release since relapse. His album was one if the most talked about releases in Hip hop this year due to the fact that we haven't heard from Eminem in years. Many people were not typically amused with some of his songs because of the excessive amount of profanity and abusive language used but hey, that's Eminem for you! According to Eminem's album sold for nearly 792,000 which was second highest to Justin Timberlake 20/20 which sold for 968,000 copies. His album is also number 1 on the billboards top 100 and it has been for the past couple weeks. I guess you could say the real slim shady is back!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Music is what my blog is going to be about this year in Mr.Parsons class. I will be talking about all different genres of music from rap to house music to country to r&b. There are albums that drop every day and I will be reviewing them and telling you if they are a must or a bust. Also I will be talking about beef between other rappers or artists and also the newest and latest news in the music industry. I chose music as my blog because I honestly love music and it really helps people a lot. I listen to all genres and I can relate to most of the songs and lyrics that are written and sung. My favorite artist is Meek Mill and Jcole because they rap about real life stuff and all their songs are bangers! There is such a vast majority of music that its going to be really fun to talk about what's going around the music world.

The Things They Carried

While reading the book The Things They Carried we came across a part of the book where it talks about all the valuables that the soldiers/men carry on them while they are at war. Some men carry photographs of women to remind them what they have waiting for them when they get back. Others had, condoms, necklaces, and other memories from home. I myself also carry around stuff on me at all times. In my backpack I always have cologne, a phone charger and head[phones. I always carry cologne just incase I need it after weight training or pe. Headphones and a charger are an absolutely must because phones die so quickly now and headphones because sometimes I'm in one of the moods where I don't feel like talking to anybody so I put headphones in and just zone out.